To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold. - Aristotle

So Over 2020 Treatment!!!

$75 - 45mins

Begin this treatment with a warming foot soak and peppermint scrub. Followed by a stimulating peppermint scalp massage and ending with a peppermint back exfoliation and relaxing back massage.

Christmas Decorations

Candy Cane OR Christmas Pudding Pedicure


Choose between a stimulating candy cane OR our christmas pudding inspired pedicures. The candy cane pedicure incorporates a peppermint scrub and massage. Whilst the christmas pudding pedicure includes a christmasy spiced scrub and massage. Both treatments incorporate warm stones in the massage and include paraffin. 

Christmas Pudding

Lalalala Lash Lift


Are you feeling the effects of Covid fatigue? Is the mask making you look tired? Missing the wow factor your lipstick gives you? Then let us help you, our lash lift and tint will give you your sparkle back. The lash lift opens up your eyes, drawing the attention away from your mask and highlighting your beautiful peepers.

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